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The four books in The Corporate Thrillers Inc series are mysteries / thrillers were written to provide entertainment to the reader and bring to light some of the excesses and not so nice practices of a group of fictional Corporate Executives. Thou these books are pure fiction I cannot believe that something like what is discussed in the first three books has not happened in real life. And, I pray that the events described in TOOT never happen.



Each of the four books uses a different timeline technique. The first book, SOON is divided into seven major sections and uses a timeline approach (Thursday, July 14th – 12:00 p.m. – Fair Telecom). The second book, SCOOP is divided into four parts and each part has a number of chapters. The third book is initially divided into seven chapters taking place during a holiday period. The eighth chapter starts immediately after the last holiday and wraps the book up. Unlike the first three books which take place over an extended time period, the fourth book’s tale is spun in only 14 days, most probably the most disastrous days short of a world war.

The first three books are thrillers full of action and suspense while telling a story of how a large corporation extends it tentacles into another corporation and tries to squeeze the life out of it. The fourth thriller projects what might happen if offshoring gets out of control. You have to answer the question of whether or not offshoring is good for America.


SOON is a blend of suspense and humor that ends with ‘a twist in the tale’. SOON was written to provide you hours of enjoyable reading while highlighting the dangers of ‘Offshoring’.

About the book:

Neal Anderson, a PM at Fair Telecom (FT), is fired as part of an outsourcing project. Neal decides to fight Offshoring at Fair Telecom. Realizing that Outsourcing is a policy set by the board of directors, In hopes of changing the composition of the board, Neal develops a strategy to get 3 new board members elected at the stockholder’s meeting in November.

Neal doesn’t have much money so he decides to use emails and a website to reach FT stockholders. Meanwhile FT’s CEO, Trevor Reynard, gets wind of Neal’s campaign. Follow Neal as he develops his campaign while he fending off Trevor’s henchmen who terrorize his website, his family, and his home.


SCOOP is a suspense novel that intertwines mystery and murder.

Jim and Betsy Conroy work for a financial services firm, MMI - Jim as a Portfolio Investment Manager and Betsy as an IT Manager.

While on vacation they meet Neal Anderson who has just fired from Fair Telecom due to outsourcing. Jim participates in Neal’s campaign to elect three new FT directors and gets fired because of his involvement. Once fired, Jim decides to take on offshoring at MMI. Good fortune shines on Jim. Jim meets and is hired by corporate takeover artist Hamilton Alexander. Jim convinces Ham that MMI is ripe for takeover and they develop a takeover strategy.

Enjoy watching Jim dabble in the options market to amass over a billion dollars to takeover MMI while fending off MMI’s henchmen. Finally there is a ‘twist in the tale’ and a bit of imagery; try and spot them.


SHOOT tells the story of how the Roberts brothers try to survive in today’s highly competitive world of modern technology.

MIST is a privately owned company specializing in storage technology. The competition is becoming too plentiful and too large. Hal Roberts starts thinking ‘outside of the box’ and envisions something better than Wifi.

Hal’s brothers, Herb and Arny like the idea but over 30 million is required to bring Hal’s inventions to market. Going public seems to be the only solution. Once they go public life becomes even more challenging. Corporate giant, CompuSourcing, becomes aware of Hal’s inventions and develops a takeover strategy that includes much more than just buying MIST stock.

Enjoy the suspense. Plus, try and guess each ‘twist in the tale’ as the Robert’s brothers get into production while fending off CompuSourcing. Finally, see if you can spot the imagery hidden within the pages of this book.


14 Days of Hell, 7 years of purgatory

TOOT conjectures what the reactions of world and corporate leaders will be when they’re informed that six nuclear facilities in India have been destroyed by terrorists. TOOT explores on an individual level how each of these people cope with the situation. Indian leaders have to cope with forty million people fleeing the six affected regions. Financial institution CEOs have to figure out how to survive with all their production systems down. Other corporations have to figure out how to survive with some of their systems down and not having the services of their bank.

Finally, see how CompuSourcing’s executives deal with the situation. As a major outsourcing company with most of their operations in India, can their computer applications and data be retrieved from a nuclear contaminated area? But the big question is: Can a worldwide depression be averted?



A suspense thriller about how one man can bring down  Corrupt Corporate ExecutivesCorporate Thriller
 This Mystery Thriller combines corporate intrigue with a murder mystery to bring a suspenseful novel Corporate Thriller
This corporate takeover thriller is filled with the mystery and the unexpected to keep you in suspense Corporate Thriller
A suspense thriller that describes what could happens to world economies if India suddenly lost its capability to supply offshore outsource servicesCorporate Thriller







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SOON 100%
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The following Writers have inspired me to write:

My favourite Authors
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Michael Crichton - Techno Thrillers
John Grisham - Legal Thrillers
Tom Clancy - Espionage
Vince Flynn - Espionage
Clive Cussler - Adventure
Jeffrey Archer - Crime Thrillers
Sidney Sheldon - Suspense
Erle Stanley Gardner – Mystery / Legal Thriller
J. K. Rowling - Teenage Adventure
Robert Ludlum - Espionage
Dan Brown- Thrillers

Thrillers: (Crime, Legal, Political, Techno)
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